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Sacred Music

I have been meaning to offer some formation on why we are doing certain things at Mass these days. It’s only taken me nearly four months! (but there’s a lot going on!) Most of this has to do with what we’re singing and how. I’ve explained briefly before Mass that because we have been instructed not to have congregational singing, we are using pieces from the Church’s beautiful liturgical tradition that are more difficult to sing. On one hand, this allows us to worship God with beautiful music even if we can’t all sing it. On the other hand, it’s an opportunity to become more familiar with it. But we should really try to appreciate it on a deeper level. 

Every parish has its own characteristics, so some of the points made in these videos may not be completely relevant to us, but on the whole, I think they will speak to where most of us are coming from (Edward Atkinson’s story is very similar to mine [with the major exception of me not being a musician!], maybe you’ll find the same.) Whatever the case is, I hope that they will help each of us grow in our appreciation for the beautiful way that the Church provides us to worship God.

I’ll share a new one each week for the next four weeks, but feel free to find the rest and watch them all at once. 

Father Cibelli

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