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Inclement Weather

St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Inclement Weather Policy

Note: This policy pertains to the church operations only, including Masses. Inclement weather affecting school operations follows Washington County guidelines, as well as the notification system used by the principal’s office.

Daily Mass

During adverse weather conditions, daily Masses Tuesday - Friday at 7:30 or 8:30 am will be celebrated. However, we ask that you exercise prudent judgement and do not take any unnecessary risks either driving or walking to reach St. Mary’s. Every effort will be made to clear the walkway and parking lot behind the church (access via the Baptistry), but please use extreme caution.

Sunday Mass

The Sunday Masses scheduled on Saturday evening and Sunday will be celebrated as scheduled, unless the Archbishop of Baltimore grants a general dispensation from the Sunday obligation.  Please be reminded that there is no obligation to attend Mass when adverse weather causes dangerous road and travel conditions. Please exercise prudent judgement and do not take unnecessary risks given your travel situation. Every effort will be made to clear the walkways and parking lots around the parish, but if you elect to attend Mass, please use extreme caution when walking to and from the church. The same applies for the Friday and Saturday confession schedules.

Parish Office

Normal parish office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday. During inclement weather, the offices will be closed if St. Mary School and Washington County schools are closed.  If the schools have a delayed opening or are closed early, the offices will delay opening or close early. Employees will be expected to use prudent judgement and avoid taking unnecessary risks given the adverse traveling conditions. Please be mindful of this when trying to contact the parish offices. 

Parish Events or Activities

If Washington County schools are cancelled for the day or closed early during adverse weather conditions, all parish activities or events scheduled for that day or evening will be cancelled. If weather conditions improve during the day, your group leader (at his/her own discretion) may inform you that the meeting or event will be conducted as originally planned. 

For CCD classes: In case of snow, please listen to your radio; if it is announced that the Snow Emergency Plan is in effect at 8:00 AM, CCD will be cancelled. The following web site will also give you the Snow Emergency information.

Updated: January 19, 2022