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54 Day Rosary Novena

Dear Parishioners,
Who can deny that things are in a bad way today?
Whether we think about being stuck at home or what we are expected to do to leave home, or the racial, social, and political tension that scars our nation, or even tension among members of the Church. There’s a lot to be concerned about. We need to pray "desperately." 
I’ll admit, it’s difficult to know exactly what the solution to all this is. I’ve been searching for what to say and do. But Jesus, Mary, and Joseph provide!
Father Langan recently brought to my attention a 54 day Rosary Novena. It’s the initiative of one particular community in Idaho and the community of priests that serves the parish is promoting it throughout the United States.
I had been hoping to find some way of preparing for our Patronal Feast Day on August 15. These 54 days of prayer are centered on that feast, the Feast of the Blessed Mother’s Assumption into heaven. July 19 to September 10, 2020.
We need a powerful prayer, not only for our Nation, whose Independence we celebrate today, but for the Universal Church and our own parishes, St. Mary’s and St. Michael’s. We have such a powerful prayer in the Rosary!
54 Days is a long time. If you already pray a daily Rosary, I’m challenging you to join me in praying a second one for this Novena! Start asking the Lord now for the help you need to commit to this Novena.
Please consider how much we need  “desperate” prayer!

Whether we're in Clear Spring or Hagerstown, whether you feel comfortable leaving the house or not, this is something we can all do together.
It's a big commitment, but well worth the effort. Click here for the calendar, and here for some simple instructions on how to participate. And consider "signing up" to show your commitment and solidarity with fellow parishioners.
This is a great way of filling the Lord’s command to pray always (Luke 18:1). It helps us live out the characteristics of prayer described in the Baltimore Catechism (1949): we need to pray with attention, fervor, confidence, persistence, and humility (number 477). This is what I mean when I say we need to pray "desperately!"
Thank you for your consideration, and God bless you and keep you in his care, and may the Blessed Mother intercede for you,
Father Cibelli