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St. Mary's Catholic Church

Dear Parishioners,

I think it is important to understand why these precautions are being taken. While I will not pretend to be an expert on this matter, those age 60 and older and those with underlying medical conditions are the most vulnerable to this virus. These measures will help to both slow the spread of this virus (which seems to spread much faster than others) and reduce the chances of it being spread to the vulnerable. A slowed rate of transmission will make it easier for our health care system to respond to those with serious needs.
Your cooperation with the directives of the Federal and State governments as well as those of the Archdiocese and others that specifically apply to St. Mary’s is essentially an act of charity. By observing these safeguards, you are helping to protect those for whom this disease might otherwise prove serious and perhaps fatal.
With that in mind, please note the following:
If you have recently been on St. Mary’s or St. Michael’s campuses and also learn that you may have been exposed to the coronavirus or if you test positive for it, please inform us by phone (301-739-0390) or email ( so that we can take the necessary precautions.
If you know someone who is elderly/vulnerable and might need your help or just a friend to talk to, please reach out to that person by phone. 
If you think of someone who might not have received this message, please contact him or her to share it.
While homebound, do not neglect your duty to God. Offer Him your time in prayer by reading the prayers and scriptures for that Sunday’s Mass, by praying the Rosary, and or meditating upon the Stations of the Cross. We may even be able to provide live video of Mass being offered here at St. Mary’s.
Home visits and hospital or nursing home visits will only be conducted by priests and will be made according to the urgency of the need. Those who have been bringing Holy Communion to the homebound are being encouraged to offer their prayerful support over the phone.
As further information becomes available, we will share it via Flocknote and on our Website and Facebook Page. Please forward this email to anyone you think might need it. 
Please pray for all those most effected by this virus, especially those who are ill and those who working to aid the ill and remedy the problem.


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Formed Flyer

Thanks to a generous donation by the Pangborn Council of the Knights of Columbus, every member of our community now has access to a great online resource called FORMED provides an impressive number of video, audio, and e-book resources directly to your phone or computer that cover just about any topic you can imagine on the Catholic Faith. They are high quality and very engaging from some of the most prominent names in solid catechesis today (and from the past too!) such as Edward Sri, Fr. Mike Schmitz, and Bishop Fulton Sheen. It’s often described as “Catholic Netflix”! I’ll be highlighting specific series or individual programs that are especially worth checking out. See below for how to create your own personal account, you can click on the flyer to take you to the set up page.